How much electricity is consumed by a sand making machine to produce a ton of sand?

Different sand making equipment power is different, the equipment power consumption is also different, the sand washing machine equipped with different water consumption is also different. The sand making machine of different production sizes and different fineness have different models. The particle size of the sand making machine equipment can be adjusted according to the production conditions to meet the customer’s production requirements for coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand and other different particle sizes. The power consumption also needs to be determined according to the size of the machine sand equipment and the production conditions.
In general, the electricity consumed for producing and processing 1 ton of machined sand is 0.7-1 degrees, and the water consumed for producing 1 ton of machined sand is about 2 tons.
Here we take the 300t/h machined sand production line as an example to explain the cost calculation of machined sand in detail. Taking a production line of limestone sand with a production capacity of 300 tons as an example, the production cost per ton of limestone is 56.28 yuan, and the current market price is 80 yuan per ton, that is, 23.72 yuan per ton of gross profit. The daily production of 10 hours, the output is 3,000 tons, calculated every 10 months, the annual output is 300 days × 3,000 tons = 900,000 tons, annual production is 900,000 tons, annual gross profit is 900,000 tons × 23.72 yuan / Ton = 21.348 million yuan (excluding taxes, etc.), removal of about 10 million sand making machine, generally within six months will be able to recover the full cost of investment.

Internal problems of jaw construction crusher

For the construction waste crusher, according to its different types, it can be divided into jaw crusher equipment, cone crusher equipment and impact crusher equipment. Among these different types of equipment, the jaw crusher plays a rough The role of smashing, in the process of building waste disposal, is generally at the forefront, smashing large pieces of waste, processing it into particles that can be accepted by subsequent production equipment, and then performing subsequent production. From this description can It can be seen that the construction of the garbage crusher plays an important role. Without the participation of the aircraft, it may take more cost to complete the construction waste disposal. However, when the aircraft is working, problems will arise. Common parts Damage, lubricating oil pollution, etc. will all affect the production process. In fact, when it is working, there will be internal problems. This is the same as the damage of the parts. One of them is the deviation of the board and even the body. The phenomenon of friction and collision occurs on the side. This phenomenon is extremely serious for the work and even the service life of the construction waste crusher. Lee is the need to promptly resolve, here to tell us about the internal problems, how to solve.
First of all, when this problem occurs, it should be stopped first and then repaired. The repair process is as follows: Loosen the spring rod screw to a suitable degree and place a 5t or 10t on the back wall slant of the body. Hydraulic jack, the top start E to the appropriate position, it is necessary to prevent the elbow plate off, but also to ease the back of the hitting elbow, and then use the top of the iron braze to the elbow, with a sledgehammer to hit the iron jaw construction crane crusher After brazing, the elbow plate is reset. After reset, a steel plate is welded at the end surface of the elbow pad groove on one side of the deviation. Generally, both ends are welded to prevent deviation of the elbow plate. This method of treatment can be restored. The working performance of the equipment.
In addition, in the production of construction waste crusher, it is important to repair equipment failures, but more importantly, during production, maintenance and operation of various parts of the equipment can reduce the occurrence frequency of failures and reduce maintenance costs. At the same time, it can also increase the production efficiency of the equipment.
The article mainly introduces the internal problems of the construction waste crusher for Hubei construction. It is mainly the phenomenon of friction and collision between the eccentricity of the jaw plate and the side of the body. Then it analyzes the solution to this phenomenon and introduces the maintenance in production. The importance of the maintenance of the time, there are many details of the problem, we need to patiently operate.

Sand making machine is widely used in the re-election process of antimony ore

There are many methods for the beneficiation of ores, such as flotation, re-election, and hand-selection. No matter which kind of ore dressing technology is adopted, thorium ores need to be crushed and ground. The new type of sand making machine produced by our SBM is the best equipment for crushing ore.
Tantalum is a mineral that contains metal strontium. The use of antimony ore is mainly used to produce antimony products. The use of lanthanum as a component of other alloys can increase its hardness and strength. Such as battery plates, bearing alloys, printed alloys (type letters), solders, cable sheaths and bullets contain helium. Lead-tin-bismuth alloy can be used as sheet metal stamping die. High-purity germanium is a doping element of semiconductor silicon and germanium. One of the main uses of bismuth is bismuth white (bismuth trioxide), which is an important raw material for enamel, paint white pigments and flame retardants. Strontium sulfide (bisulfur pentasulfide) is a rubber red pigment. Raw oysters (bisulfur trisulfide) are used to produce matches and smoke agents.
We took the method of re-election of the Yankuang ore beneficiation process as an example to explain in detail the extensive application of the SBM new sand making equipment in iron ore beneficiation.
Re-election is suitable for most beryllium ore beneficiation because of the high-density, coarse-grained minerals that are easily separated by using re-election and gangue. In short, whether it is a single yttrium sulfide or sulfide-oxidation mixed yttrium ore, it has better re-election conditions. With low re-election costs, a large number of qualified coarse-grained concentrates can be selected within a relatively coarse-grained range, and a large amount of waste rock is discarded. Therefore, the re-election method is still a method that the ore benefactors are willing to adopt. Tantalum re-equipping equipment mainly refers to the jig, and sometimes it also uses a shaker.
Before the re-election of cesium ore, it needs to go through many processes such as crushing and grinding. SBM’s new sand making machine equipment can effectively crush finely divided iron ore, improve the production efficiency of the whole clinker ore crushing process, and then increase the overall benefit of the entire Jelly ore beneficiation production line. From the production efficiency and cost of thorium ore, the adoption of SBM’s new sand making machine (sand blasting machine) can effectively reduce production costs. Because the new type of sand making machine can provide smaller product size, from the overall process, using the stone paving principle to complete the main crushing task of iron ore is the most economical production method. SBM’s new sand making machine has a simple structure, low cost, stable operation, and high efficiency and energy saving. The working noise is less than 75 decibels and less dust pollution. Widely used in iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, wood ore, lead and zinc ore, tungsten ore, manganese ore and other special hard, medium hard and abrasive materials, fine crushing and coarse grinding operations. It is an ideal crushing equipment that is indispensable for major mineral processing production lines.

There is a trick for building waste disposal

With the accelerating process of urbanization in China, the production of construction waste crusher, accounting for about two-fifths of urban waste, causing serious environmental pollution. In order to strengthen the management of urban construction waste and protect the city appearance and environmental sanitation, the “Management Regulations for Urban Construction Waste” was promulgated in 2005. This regulation implements the reduction, recycling, harmlessness, and production of construction waste. The principle of disposal responsibility, and encourage the comprehensive utilization of construction waste, encourage construction units, construction units to give priority to the use of comprehensive utilization of construction waste products.
For a long time, because of the lack of a unified and comprehensive management method for construction waste and the lack of scientific, effective, and economical disposal technologies, the majority of construction waste has not been properly treated, and it has been transported to open air in the suburbs or simply landfilled to the environment and people. Life has caused great pollution and inconvenience. The utilization of construction waste resources is related to the coordinated development of the urban ecological environment. The comprehensive construction of China’s construction waste crusher is a matter of urgency.
There is no garbage in the world, only “misplaced resources in the area.” Construction waste is also increasingly recognized as renewable resources.
The utilization of building rubbish can be used as a road cushion, infrastructure, municipal engineering, etc., and it has good water permeability, does not freeze in water, and does not shrink.
The disposal process of construction waste is also relatively simple. Through automated crushing stations for automated sorting, crushing, screening and other processes, swallowed “garbage” is transformed into “renewable resources”, and mobile breaks have unit integration. , The advantage of flexible transport can go directly to the front line of operations, reduce the cost of construction and raw material transportation, save time and effort.
In recent years, SBM Heavy Industries has provided complete solutions and advanced complete sets of equipment for a number of construction waste disposal projects in Shandong, Henan, and Guangdong, and has become a contractor for many demonstration projects of construction waste recycling.

ultrafine Raymond Mill and ordinary Raymond Mill

ultrafine mill is also called Ultra Raymond Mill. The main production of ultra-fine powder. SBM Machinery specializes in producing ultra-fine Raymond Mills. The following describes the difference between ultrafine Raymond Mill and ordinary Raymond Mill.
The main difference between ultra-thin Raymond Mill and ordinary Raymond Mill is that the principle of selecting the powder is different. Ordinary Raymond grinding powder is selected by the circulating air, the material is crushed and then shoveled by a blade, then the powder is aired, and is blown by a blower to a cyclone separator, during which the disc grading wheel is finely powdered. Degrees for extensions. ultrafine Raymond Mill is operated with full negative pressure. The material is also pulverized and scooped by a blade. The powder is then air-lifted and induced by a high-pressure induced draft fan to a cage-type grading wheel for accurate grading.
ultrafine Raymond Mill mainly processes 400-3500 mesh fine powders and is widely used in silicon carbide micro powder processing, kaolin Raymond Mill processing, and carbon black micro powder processing. Ordinary Raymond Mill mainly processes fine powders with a size of 40-600 mesh. It is a general-purpose device. The main processing materials include limestone, fly ash, coal, and so on. There are several hundred types of materials.
ultrafine Raymond’s dust removal method uses high-volume pulse backflushing technology and adopts an external filter type, which requires an air compressor. Ordinary raymond mill adopts a simple bag-in method.
SBM Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of ordinary Raymond Mill, Ultrafine Raymond Mill, Ultrafine Raymond Mill, ultrafine Raymond Machine. There are more than ten specifications. Welcome to buy!

Effectively Improve the Quality Efficiency of Ultrafine Mills

When we used the ultra-fine pulverizer, all of us were very concerned about the quality and efficiency of our superfine pulverizer. How to improve it is a matter of concern to all of us. Here we will give you a brief explanation of how To better improve the efficiency and quality of ultrafine mill and eventually reach our goal:
We can start from the following points:
1. When we operate the superfine pulverizer, we must pay attention to the feed of our superfine pulverizer. Our feed should be uniform and there must be no impurities, especially hard impurities.
2. When operating the ultra-fine mill equipment, we must pay attention to some factors of the vibration of our operation. If there is a large vibration, we can tighten it, or other methods to reduce the vibration.
3. During the operation, we need to check the discharge of our Ultrafine mill. If there is a problem, we should handle it in time so that we can ensure our results.
Only by doing well, we can finally achieve our goal and achieve our best results. We hope that all of us can use our superfine mill to better achieve our high quality and high efficiency.

Two major new sand making machines

Sand making machine is a sand machine modified from PCL vertical axis impact crusher. It is a new type of sand making equipment widely used in the market, and it is the fifth generation and sixth generation of impact breaking sand making machine. Many people call it a new type of sand making machine.
The new type of sand making machine is optimized by the impeller and cavity type, and it is higher than the original equipment in production efficiency. There are two major outstanding capabilities:
First, the ability to crush
Sand mill impeller line speed can reach 70-80m / s, throwing head and counter block is installed in the periphery of the impeller, they hit the material at such speeds, giving the material a powerful blow to make it crush. In addition, after the material is thrown, it will collide with the head of the material, the guard plate and the material layer, and continue to crush. In high-speed impact and repeated collisions, part of the material will be crushed to 4.75mm.
Second, the ability to shape
When the whole center feeds, the Sand making machine uses the hammer to break the material and throw the material, and the material will also impact the protective plate. When the bedding layer is formed on the protective plate, the material will impact on the material layer. The material on the material layer is rubbed.
When the flow falls, the impact friction between the materials will be more.
In short, in the sand machine cavity, the material is subject to collision friction from all angles, and the good grain shape is predictable.
With these two capabilities, there are many applications of sand making machines in the market, but they are mainly applied in two aspects. The main one is the production of machined sand, including pebbles, stones, scraps, scraps, tailings and other resources. In the shaping of the aggregates, the spring-cone-breaking type of the discharged material is not good, and the impact-type sand-making machine can be used to shape the shape.
In the shaping of limestone or sand production, it is necessary to properly reduce the speed and reduce its fine-grinding capacity, otherwise the powder content will be very large.

How to buy cheap Raymond grinding Mill?

Raymond Grinding Mill is the most common and most used mill equipment in the mine field.Equipment mainly deals with the processing of non-metallic minerals. The common non-metallic minerals are mainly gypsum, mica, fluorite, graphite, etc.
How to buy cheap raymond mill is the most concern for most users, there are many ways to buy cheap Raymond Mill, the following are listed in several ways:
1, network search – the most direct way
The contemporary network is developing very rapidly. Therefore, we use the Internet to purchase Raymond Grinding Mill is a direct way, and it is also one of the most commonly used methods for most people. However, Web search has certain disadvantages, and its coverage is very large, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, if the customer is not too familiar in the field, this approach can be used as an auxiliary method.
2.Expert recommendation – the most effective way
The expert’s recommendation is the most effective way to find cheap Raymond Grinding Mill, because the experts are senior people in the field. They are very familiar with the market conditions, and also have a basic understanding of the strength of various manufacturers.In general, they listen to expert advice. It is helpful to find cheap Raymond Grinding Mill.
3.Comparison of manufacturers – the most reasonable way
In the above two ways, customers can make initial judgments, but if you want to buy cheap Raymond Mills, you need to consider them from the strengths of the manufacturers, the quality of the equipment, comprehensive services, etc.Then,according to their own The actual situation makes the most reasonable judgment.
By comparing the manufacturers, you can find that SBM’s raymond mill‘s price is the lowest.Because we use the “small profits but quick turnover” and “integrity management” model to sell Raymond Grinding Mill, removing many of the middleman’s commissions, and thus effectively control the price.In addition, on the equipment side, we can achieve one-on-one marketing with customers and better serve our customers.
SBM is located in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai and is an important transportation hub in the country. The transportation is very developed in the area, which provides great convenience for the equipment’s transportation. Customers can save a huge amount of transportation expenses. If you need to know about Raymond Grinding Mill, please come to visit SBM, and you can leave a message to our website. We will invite you!

What is the role of blades in Raymond Mill?

So far, Raymond mill is applied to all areas of the market share is very high, in order to help our customers and friends or friends want this equipment, the raymond mill has further understanding, Xiao Bian has carried out a series of Raymond Mill knowledge reported today, our topic is: Raymond leaves rollermill in what role? Let’s look at it.
First of all, we must make clear that leaves Raymond mill where there are two, one is the analysis of powder machine, another is a fan, explaining the two following small blade.
Analysis of blade effect of Raymond mill machine through the speed motor and analysis: after two reduction, so as to drive the rotary table rotating blades formed on the powder classification. The blade speed is adjusted according to the size of finished powder sizes. If you want to get a fine powder, it is necessary to improve the blade speed, the blade and the powder contact increases, make unqualified powder is thrown to the outside wall and the airflow from the coarse powder, because of self gravity fall into the grinding chamber for heavy grinding, refined powder qualified by the blades with gas flow inhalation of large cyclone collector. After the separation of gas and powder, powder is collected.
Raymond mill fan blade: when high-speed operation of the wind mill opportunity to blow air into the Raymond Mill cabin, air lifts the material raising, suspension shaft roller suspension movement, the resistance of the pipeline, the pressure will gradually change from the positive pressure is negative. Mixed air raised silt and gas will enter the cyclone, the cyclone separating powder into the hopper, the air pressure will be further reduced, and the powder particles after the separation of the air will enter the Raymond Mill again by the blower, circulating air in the closed system of Raymond mill. In simple terms, the wind turbine blades, is used to control the size of the wind, air volume and the size of the material is also associated with the wind, the larger the size, the more coarse, and the smaller the air volume, the smaller the fineness.
The leaves of Raymond Mill in what role? What is the role of the blade in the analysis machine and the fan? Is above these, we hope to help, and the technical personnel that must know more about the equipment, when in use will be more handy, can judge and correct operation in the event of equipment, the production line is very important.

How to use sand making machine correctly and safely

Recently, the safety problems caused by improper operation of crushing equipment are shocking. The sand making equipment should follow the safety first in the process of operation and use. SBM Heavy Industries today introduced how to use the sand making machine
sand making machine correctly and safely to ensure safe production.
1. Do not replace the pulleys in a random manner to prevent the crushing chamber from exploding if the speed is too high, or if the speed is too low, the working efficiency of the sand making machine may be affected.
2. After the sand machine is installed, check the tightening conditions of the fasteners. If loose, tighten them. At the same time to check the tightness of the belt is appropriate.
3. Before starting the sand making machine, first turn the rotor by hand to check whether the teeth, hammers and rotors are flexible and reliable, whether there is a collision in the shell, whether the direction of rotation of the rotor is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow, power machine and Sand machine lubrication is good.
4. After the start of the sand making machine, it should be idling for 2~3min. No abnormal phenomenon will occur after the sand making machine is started.
5. The sand making machine and power unit should be firmly installed. If the sand making machine is fixed for a long time, it should be fixed on the cement foundation; if the sand making machine is a mobile operation, the unit should be installed on the base made of angle iron, and ensure that the power machine (diesel or motor) and sand making The pulley groove of the machine is in the same plane of revolution.