The benefits of construction waste crusher and its own performance characteristics

Construction waste is produced along with the development of the city, especially in large and medium-sized cities in China. Due to the dense population of the city, more and more urban buildings are being replaced, and a large amount of construction waste has become an intractable problem. Things, and the government attaches great importance to the disposal of construction waste, and encourages the development of construction waste related industries.
However, if it is related to everyone or manufacturers, more consideration should be given to the benefits of construction waste crusher. If the benefits and environmental benefits are brought about under the premise of realizing the benefits, then it will be better. Construction waste crusher manufacturers solve this problem.
The construction waste crusher has already had quite mature technology, and its function is gradually improved. In the past, construction waste needs to be pulled down to the city to treat construction waste. However, the construction waste crushing station can be decomposed in situ. The benefits can be reduced to a large extent to reduce transportation costs, thereby reducing the difficulty of recycling construction waste.
The current construction waste crusher already has the same crushing capacity for sandstone production and ore crushing. It is easy for the construction waste to be broken. What needs to be improved is how to make the four-wire maneuver flexible and clean and environmentally friendly because of construction waste in the city. Disposal, if the equipment itself is not flexible enough, it will increase the time and cost of equipment transportation and installation. If the equipment is not environmentally friendly, secondary pollution such as noise and dust will directly affect people’s normal work and life.
Our company’s equipment itself has strong building waste breaking capacity, and has a flexible and flexible body, with clean and environmental protection measures, so that the construction waste crusher can not play the huge effect of all the previous equipment in the urban construction waste treatment. And it has produced enormous social and economic benefits, not only solving urban construction waste, but also beautifying our urban environmental problems.

How to choose the construction waste crusher lubricant in different seasons

When the construction waste crusher is lubricated in different seasons, we can’t use the same lubricants in the same way. How to choose the construction waste crusher lubricant in different seasons? Let’s share these contents:
First, summer
The summer is very hot, the lubrication system of the construction waste crusher should use oil with relatively thick oil, so that the thick lubricating oil will become slippery due to high temperature, and it will enter the place where the equipment needs lubrication. If a lean lubricant is used, the adhesion of the lubricant to the lubrication system will be poor.
Second, winter
Winter is relatively cold. When lubricating the construction waste crusher, high-quality and relatively slippery lubricating oil should be used. Because the thick lubricating oil will become more viscous, we will not be able to apply it on the lubricated part. Sleek lubricants will achieve the lubrication we want.
Third, spring
Since the spring is still relatively cold, the construction waste crusher should be lubricated with relatively slippery lubricating oil.
Fourth, autumn
Autumn continues the summer heat, so we should choose a more viscous lubricant to lubricate the construction waste crusher in the summer.
The different lubricants selected by the construction waste crusher in different seasons have improved the lubrication effect of the construction waste crusher, thus better protecting the machine and achieving the effect of prolonging its life.

The importance of the liner in the construction waste shredder

In the production process, for the construction waste crusher, its daily work content is to crush some materials with high hardness and toughness, so it must be strong and wear-resistant in terms of quality, especially the internal important parts. Be sure to use the best materials to ensure the smashing effect and the wear resistance of the equipment. We should understand that the hammerhead is in the high-speed operation of the equipment, and it collides with the material to achieve the effect of smashing. So, what is the main lining?
First of all, the lining plate is a one-piece protrusion, which is a collision when the material comes into contact with the lining plate, and the impurities in the material are decomposed. The lining plate plays a significant role in the application of the construction waste pulverizer, and the two parts are more prominent. The first part is to protect the body, because the pulverizer belongs to the consuming equipment, and the parts are worn out and need to be replaced, such as the lining plate and the hammer head. Because of the protection of the lining, the pulverizer body will not be prone to wear.
Secondly, the second is to improve the pulverization efficiency and production capacity of the construction pulverizer. Generally, the lining has serrations. When the equipment is in operation, it can effectively pulverize the material, and the effect is very obvious. Because it plays a key role, we use the highest quality steel plate to produce the liner. The hardness of the self has been improved, and the wear resistance has been greatly improved. At the same time, the working intensity of the construction waste pulverizer has been strengthened, and the production capacity of the pulverizer has been improved.

Suggestions for maintenance of construction waste counterattack

The construction waste counter-attack is mainly composed of construction waste crusher, rotor, hammer head, counter-attack liner and sieve plate. It can crush the material once, simplify the processing technology and reduce the total cost of the user in the operation. The market is very popular. In the process of counter-attacking construction waste, we need to carry out frequent maintenance and maintenance, so as to ensure that the equipment creates higher value for us. The following is the SBM Industrial Technology Group’s construction waste counter-breaking routine maintenance. Some suggestions, I hope to help the user’s production.
1, before the operation
Check all bolts broken by construction waste to see if there is any looseness; check if there are any debris in the crushing chamber, if there is any debris, please remove it in time; check whether the belt of the transmission and motor is broken and the layer is Phenomenon; look at the junction box of the motor and its grounding device are not connected, to ensure that the protection of the transmission device is complete and intact; after all the above inspections, it is confirmed that all the components of the counter-attack are intact before starting the operation.
2, in the operation
If the construction waste is suddenly stopped during the operation, the real reason for the shutdown is not checked, and the equipment cannot be forced to start; if the counter-break is in the process of operation, if there is an abnormal knock or vibration, stop. Work, check the cause of the above phenomenon, in the process of troubleshooting, to avoid starting, so as to avoid accidents.
3, after the homework
After the construction waste is broken, the debris in the crushing chamber is cleaned to reduce the wear on the equipment. After the operation, the lubricating oil is cleaned and the bearings are cleaned regularly to ensure the flexibility of the bearing. Sex, improve equipment efficiency and increase production.

Teach you how to avoid the trouble of reducing the amount of Raymond mill output

The accessories of Raymond Mill are very important. The high-quality accessories can increase the service life of the machine and effectively improve the working efficiency of raymond mill. SBM reminds the majority of purchasers to consider the following aspects when purchasing Raymond mill accessories:
First of all, when selecting Raymond mill accessories, you must choose the right accessories according to your own needs. You must not pay attention to the price. The price is low. This is a common thing, so you must not only look at the price. If you want to be durable, choose a manufacturer with strength and choose a manufacturer with good reputation and credibility. Secondly, when selecting the Raymond machine grinding machine, it should be considered the original manufacturer when purchasing the equipment, because this is the matching, it is the most suitable, so that the whole machine can be coordinated, it is not easy in the operation. Unnecessary loss and trouble. Although the Raymond mill accessories are just a small accessory in the whole machine, you need to know that the entire Raymond mill equipment is made up of such small accessories, so you can’t underestimate its role. It is still good to be careful.
In the process of using the Raymond mill, due to various conditions, it may affect the amount of equipment discharged, or have other problems. Today, I will teach you how to avoid the reduction of discharge volume to our customers. Make troubles:
First, when the Raymond mill is processing materials, the moisture of the material is an important reason for restricting the discharge of the machine. When the moisture of the material is high, the processing is performed under the pressure of the grinding roller and the grinding ring. It may stick to the inside of the machine, which will cause problems with the machine, and it will reduce the output of the machine. Second, the customer needs different processing materials. Raymond mill can achieve a ton per hour output when processing certain fineness requirements of a certain ore, but it is used to process charcoal or other lighter texture. If the material is used, the output will definitely not be reached, so the output of the machine will be low.
Third, the hardness of the processed materials will also affect, some customers are processing limestone, some customers are processing ferrisite, the hardness of ferrisite is quite high, in the case of the same type of machine, the same fineness The output is definitely not the same
Fourth, the fineness of the customer needs to be processed differently. If the quartz stone is processed, if the fineness of 200 mesh and the fineness of 400 mesh are required, the output will definitely be different. The lower the fineness, the higher the output. Up
Fifth, the quality problem of Raymond mill equipment, the so-called quality problem is the key part, the most critical part of Raymond mill operation is the grinding roller and the grinding ring. If the quality of the grinding roller is high, the processing capacity will be high. The output will definitely go up. If you work long hours, the quality will be high.

How to choose a mobile construction waste crusher with high quality and low price

Mobile construction waste crushers mainly include shovel construction waste crushers, hammer construction waste crushers, cone construction waste crusher, etc. These crushing equipments are widely used in various fields such as crushing production lines and sand production lines. There are direct selling manufacturers and agents in the market for mobile construction waste crushers. How can users choose high quality and low price crushing equipment manufacturers from these manufacturers?
I. Analysis of the current situation of mobile construction waste crusher manufacturers
Mobile construction waste crusher manufacturers have a large number of brands, small brands, ordinary manufacturers, etc., the main reasons for this situation are as follows:
1. China’s industry is at a high-speed development stage. There are many domestic manufacturers of machinery and equipment. Most crushing equipment manufacturers also produce mobile construction waste crushers. Mobile construction waste crushers are mostly distributed in Henan, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places. Many manufacturers have large inventories, and the prices of common crushing equipment such as shovel construction waste crushers and cone construction waste crushers are different.
2. Since the price of crushing equipment is affected by factors such as model, performance and production capacity, the quotations for stone crushing equipment in different regions are also different. According to relevant statistics, there are many manufacturers of mobile construction waste crusher in Henan, and The price of such crushing equipment such as shovel construction waste crusher, hammer construction waste crusher and cone construction waste crusher is relatively low.
Second, mobile construction waste crusher manufacturers push
Which is the manufacturer of high-quality and low-cost crushing equipment for mobile construction waste crusher manufacturers? This article recommends a domestic famous mobile construction waste crusher direct selling manufacturer – SBM Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd., which produces a wide variety of stone crushing equipment, such as shovel construction waste crusher, hammer construction waste crusher, cone construction Garbage crushers, etc., and the models of these crushing equipment are also relatively complete, and can also be professionally customized, users can be combined with the actual production needs by professional technical team to create professional crushing equipment.

Which brand of construction waste crusher is good after sale?

The construction waste crusher, also known as the garbage crusher, is called the new generation of star crushing equipment because of its low operation and maintenance cost, high output and low energy consumption. It not only plays an important role in the sand production line, but also in the construction. It is widely used in many industries such as highway construction and municipal engineering. At present, there are many manufacturers of construction waste crusher. Which brand of construction waste crusher is good after sale?
First, the construction waste crusher brand selection criteria
Standard 1: The construction waste crusher is of good quality. The quality of the construction waste crusher determines its performance. The better the performance of the equipment, the stable operation, the strong production capacity, the low energy consumption and the long service life.
Standard 2: The construction waste crusher is low in price. If the price of the equipment is low, the user’s production cost is relatively low. The construction waste crusher produced by large direct selling crushing equipment manufacturers generally has a relatively low price for construction waste crushers because it has no additional cost.
Standard 3: Construction waste crusher is good after sale. Construction waste crusher manufacturers should be good after sale, so that equipment emerges in the production process, the user can contact the manufacturer to solve the problem in time; in addition, for the wearing parts of the equipment, the user can get the goods directly from the manufacturer, without running-in, directly into production.
Second, the construction waste crusher brand recommendation
Construction waste crusher not only has high quality and low price, but also good after-sales service, not only can ensure the production can increase the user benefits, Xiaobian recommends Shibang brand construction waste crusher.
First of all, Shibang Industrial Technology Group is a well-known manufacturer specializing in the production of mining machinery and equipment for more than 30 years. The advanced production technology, mature production technology and rich production experience make the equipments exported to all over the world.
Secondly, the construction waste crusher is a high-efficiency sand making equipment at home and abroad, with excellent quality and reasonable price.

How should the counter-attack construction waste crusher offer?

With the development of the economy, the construction of various infrastructures and buildings such as buildings and high-speed rails is getting faster and faster, and the counter-attack construction waste crusher is becoming more and more important for the preparation of sand and gravel. The crushing machine of sand and gravel plant is becoming more and more influential in all walks of life, especially in the construction industry. So how do equipment manufacturers formulate counter-attack construction waste crusher quotes? How should the production company view the price of this counter-attack construction waste crusher?
We know that as a common ore material, it has a strong hardness, hardness is second only to diamond, and its hardness is high, so that it can be used as a good pulverizing material. Quartz can be used as a surface material for building materials through the complicated multi-channel technology of polishing process. It is widely used in the fields of public buildings and home decoration. It is an important industrial mineral raw material after being crushed by a counter-attack construction waste crusher. It is widely used in glass, casting, ceramics and refractory materials, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux, metallurgy, construction, chemical, plastic, rubber, abrasive. And other industries.
With the continuous development of modern industry, the demand for high-purity quartz products in the market has gradually increased, and the sand crusher has won a full market share. The sand and gravel products processed by crushing mills of different sand and gravel mills are more and more extensive. The representative sandstone factory has a high market awareness in countering the broken products, and to a certain extent also reflects the market of sandstone processed products. Potential and broad development prospects.
For equipment manufacturers, the counter-attack construction waste crusher quotation is basically based on cost, technology and workmanship. With the continuous expansion of the service market of crushers, the counter-attack construction waste crusher is also increasing. The counter-attack construction waste crusher market can be said to be lively and extraordinary, and it also adds more competition to manufacturers. When the manufacturer formulates the price of the counter-attack construction waste crusher, it should consider the offer of the counter-attack construction waste crusher when seriously considering the customer’s choice to counterattack.
For the production enterprise, when the counter-attack construction waste crusher is purchased, it is not only necessary to look at the price of the counter-attack construction waste crusher to judge the working efficiency of the counter-attack construction waste crusher, and the function and perfection of the equipment. The standard of broken equipment depends on its own strength, and choose the right crusher equipment of its own quality and cheap.
It can be seen that the price of the counter-attack construction waste crusher is not a factor in determining the final quality of the counter-attack construction waste crusher. Therefore, when the manufacturer purchases the sand stone factory and counters it, it cannot choose the quotation as a single consideration factor. The sand and stone factory must be comprehensively considered according to its own strength and production needs.

Six reasons and characteristics of buying a construction waste crusher

First, the construction waste crusher has a simple structure and a remarkable effect.
The construction waste crusher adopts two sets of rotors connected in series, and the material is sent to the inlet of the heavy construction waste crusher through the conveyor. The material crushed in the crushing and destroying chamber through the upper rotor immediately enters the lower-rotor of the high-speed torsion. The hammer head is broken again, and the material inside the crushing and destroying chamber collides with each other, crushing and destroying each other, forming hammer powder, destroying and destroying the material, and then directly discharging it from the discharge port to form a material particle with a discharge particle size of less than 3 mm. . This granule can meet the needs of brick manufacturers as internal combustion bricks.
Second, the construction waste crusher does not have a screen bottom, high humidity materials, no infarction
The construction waste crusher has the characteristics of large crack ratio, high efficiency and strong compatibility, and the design of the ring hammer type rupture machine has no screen bottom, and there is no requirement for the moisture content of the material, and there is no paste blocking screen. The problem is that there is no problem that the material can not be discharged in real time, and the problem of repeated crushing and destruction is destroyed. Therefore, the crushing and destroying efficiency is high, and there is no ineffective wear and tear of the hammer.
Third, construction waste crusher wear-resistant combination hammer
The hammer head of the ring construction waste crusher is forged and forged by the train wheel, and then the hammer head is processed by heat treatment to enhance the wear resistance and toughness. More and more suitable for the wear resistance of different hardness materials.
Fourth, the construction of the garbage crusher common shifting gap skills
The hammer of the construction waste crusher does not need to be repaired after being worn. The moving position can be used repeatedly. A hammer can be used with three hammers.
Five, hydraulic electric starting head shell
With the electric oil pump operation, the opening and closing of the lock is freely controlled, and the oil valve is reversing, which changes the serious safety hazard that the hand pump can not pull before, and the user is more safe in the process of application and maintenance.
Sixth, the construction waste crusher rotor disk is completely treated by heat, so that the wear life of the rotor disk is greatly improved, and the previous rotor disk repair is difficult, and the serious defects without wear resistance are changed.
The bearing boxes are all made of cast steel and each shaft box is fixed with four screws. Modification of the previous generation of products due to the looseness of the screws formed a serious safety hazard of the bearing box wear. Make the same equipment more scientific and more useful.

Is the sand machine a little leaky?

When the sand making machine is used for a long time, there will be some problems, such as the sand making machine hammer wear, the parts are damaged, and the equipment needs lubrication. Then there is a small amount of oil leakage in the sand making machine equipment, will it affect its normal work? How to deal with it? Below we have a detailed solution from Henan Shisheng Mine senior sand making machine manufacturer.
How to solve the oil leakage of the sand making machine or the crusher? Although the machine oil leakage is a common thing, the safety hazard caused by oil leakage is something that every one of us should know. Frequent maintenance of the sand making machine equipment can greatly reduce the chance of oil leakage from the sand making machine. So what are the points that need to be repaired? Here we introduce you one by one:
a. After repairing the sand making machine, when reassembling the upper crushing roller and the shell coupling, the round nut and the coupling bolt should strictly control the tightening torque. When tightening the clamp coupling bolt, it is necessary to pay attention to In order of sequence, the diagonal bolts should be tightened first, then the intermediate bolts should be tightened, and the gap between the couplings on both sides of the facets should be uniform.
b. Maintenance and repair of sand making machine If you need to open the cover of the main and auxiliary transmission gearboxes, you must replace the rubber sealing strip and evenly apply a layer of sealing glue on the static sealing surface before reinstalling to prevent oil leakage on the sealing surface. , oil leakage.
c. The bearings of the upper and lower crushing roller translation linkages of the sand making machine are greased and lubricated. The design requires the use of No. 2 or No. 3 calcium-based grease. And the oil cup cover should be tightened once a week for normal work to inject grease.
d. The final sand making equipment is widely used in metallurgy, construction, hydropower, transportation, chemical industry, building materials industry, suitable for crushing all kinds of ore and rock with hard and medium hardness.